Difference between JavaScript and C++

Javascript vs C++

JavaScript vs. c++

JavaScript is a high-level, interpreted web scripting language. Its code is usually only available in browsers. C++ is a mid-level, compiled, statically typed highly fast language. Many programs, operating systems, and other languages use it as their foundation.

Even though their names indicate that JavaScript and Java must be related in some way, this is simply not the case. JavaScript is a programming language that can be interpreted by the computer. The most important difference between JavaScript and Java is that JavaScript is a language for scripting, while Java is a programming language. It’s a dynamic, weakly typed scripting language with first-class functions that are based on prototypes. C++ is a programming language that may be used for a wide range of tasks. It was created using the C programming language as a foundation. C++ is a compiled programming language that is free-form, statically typed, and multi-paradigm.

The Self and Scheme programming languages inspire JavaScript’s fundamental ideas. It’s a multi-paradigm language that may be used to program in imperative, object-oriented, or functional approaches.

C++ and JavaScript are two widely used languages that are significantly different. Professional programmers, on the other hand, use both of them extensively. Both have a wide range of uses, are widely spoken around the world, and are considered among the greatest languages to learn. The question is, how do they line up against one another? Let’s look at each one separately before comparing the two languages.

What is C++?

C++, often known as CPP, is a statically typed object-oriented programming language with a wide range of applications. Bjarne Stroustrup created C++ as an expansion to the C language at AT&T (American Telephone & Telegraph) bell laboratories in 1980. Since then, this seed has grown into one of the most well-known and widely spoken languages on the planet. Except for the web, C++ is designed for almost everything. It is mostly utilized in the production of video games and embedded programming. Evernote, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Opera, Facebook, NASA, and more companies have successfully implemented C++.


  • Polymorphism, data encapsulation, and other characteristics are also available in C++.
  • In C++, we can also run C applications.
  • Portable
  • The low-level language is also simple to learn.
  • Has structures and unions
  • Provides the ability for the user to control the memory.
  • One of the most populous communities
  • Scalability


  • The lack of memory control renders the code open to errors.
  • Leakage of memory
  • There isn’t any garbage memory collector.
  • The built-in thread feature isn’t supported.
  • Debugging on the web is difficult.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript, also known as JS, is a dynamically typed high-level computer language. JavaScript was invented for the web and was originally intended to “bring web pages to life.” It first appeared in 1995, thanks to Netscape. It’s an interpreter, a high-level scripting language. By a large margin, JavaScript is utilized on the majority of websites; according to a study conducted last year, JavaScript is used on 95% of all websites. Because it is so widely used, most web browsers include built-in engines to handle it. Microsoft, Groupon, Netflix, Uber, Paypal, Facebook, Google, and other companies use JavaScript.


  • Because it runs in a web browser, JIT compilation enables code to be run immediately.
  • It is simple to learn
  • a big community
  • Inter-operable
  • Versatile
  • There are numerous libraries.


  • Client-side security concerns
  • Everyone can see the code.
  • A single mistake might bring the entire website down.
  • Debugging is a difficult task.

The differences between C++ and JavaScript are listed below.

JavaScript is a lightweight programming language and is interpreted. Network-centric applications are the primary focus of this tool set. It compliments Java and works in combination with it. JavaScript is extremely easy to use because it is embedded in HTML. Free and cross-platform, it’s an excellent choice. In 1979, Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Labs developed C++, a high-level programming language that is still in use today. It works on a variety of platforms, including Windows, Mac OS, and several UNIX versions.

C++ is a programming languageJavaScript is a scripting language
A C++ program must be compiled and runJavaScript script must be interpreted
C++ is statically typedJavaScript is dynamically typed
In C++, you must define the variable’s type alongside the variable.         For example :int a;        float f;You only need to specify the variable name in JavaScript, not the type. After that, you can give a value to it, such as “amit” for a string, 5 for an int, and so on. For example: var a; var f                                   
C++ does not support the implementation of any virtual machine.Reflective programming is supported by JavaScript.  
For novices, C++ is a little difficult to learn.For beginners, it is a little simple to learn.
When compared to JavaScript, C++ is faster.It is slower than C++.
It’s a programming language for designing backend tools.It’s for frontend scripting. But also being used for backend e.g Node.js

The similarity between JavaScript and C++:

In the sense that they are both dependent on the C programming language, C++ and JavaScript are similar. Additionally, they are both built on OOP (Object-oriented programming). The fundamental distinction between the two is that JavaScript is a scripting language, whereas C++ is a programming language.


Both of these languages have distinct characteristics and strengths and drawbacks, so deciding which one to use boils down to understanding which tool you require.

Do you require immediate assistance? For a desktop program, a rocket launch sequence, or a video game, what would you recommend? C++ is on your side. JavaScript should be at the peak of your list if you need a flexible, web-supported, and simple to create and debug front-end program for the web. None of these are bad; they are simply different.