PHP 7.4 features and Why should we use the latest version of PHP

Since the release of the new PHP7.4 is in the town, everybody who loves the technology or likes to write in PHP is excited about it. There is a good reason to be excited about it because it includes some nice and user-friendly features which have been practiced in other languages like Javascript and Java but now PHP also has these features which I am going to discuss in the latter part of the article.

A small intro to PHP: (you can skip it if you want)

PHP is one of the most famous server-side programming languages which was and has been loved by a lot of developers. It is easy to use and easy to write. It can be used for the quick development of any personal web page which requires some server-side development.

In this article, we are going to have a look at what is new in PHP7.4 and Why you should upgrade your previous version to PHP7.4.

Before getting a deep dive into the PHP latest update 7.4 release let’s have a slight look at the history of PHP 7.4

History of PHP v7.4

  • Php v7.4 Alpha 1 on released on 6th June 2019
  • Php v7.4 Beta 1 released on 18th July 2019
  • And Final Php v7.4 released on 28th November 2019

After getting the background let’s have a detailed description of Php v7.4 

What’s new in the Php v7.4 release?

Php v7.4 release comes with stunning features for web developers, here you will get the list of main features then a short brief and at last, you will get how much this release is beneficial and whether you should have to update to PHP v7.4 or not

PHP 7.4 features and Why should we use the latest version of PHP

Top 3 Stunning Features of Php v7.4 release are:

Let’s have a detailed look at the above features

Arrow Functions: Clear and Shorter Code

In PHP, unknown functions are viewed as very long and hard to execute and keep up. The Arrow function presents the shorter and more clear syntax of structure, and that will help us in keeping a clean PHP code. i.e.

Normal Code:

function addition($x){        
return ($x + $x + $x);
$a = [1, 2, 3];
$b = array_map(‘addition’, $a);

In Php v7.4:

$a = [1, 2, 3];
$b = array_map(
fn($x) => $x + $x + $x, $a

Preloading: for Improved Performance

One of the best and remarkable features of the PHP v7.4 release is Preloading, it will significantly help the web developers and audience to get a better result in no time. In a framework, all the files that are associated with each other are to be loaded on every request but in Php 7.4 the preloading feature allows the server to load the files in the system memory on startup and make them available in a ready to go position all the time.

Typed functions:

Similarly, as with arrow functions, typed properties likewise help to spotless your code, which is another helpful feature for web developers. With Typed properties, you can now effectively declare type hints (excluding void and callable) to class variables and properties.

Moreover, you would now be able to declare types of static properties. As such, class variables can be type hinted, the extraordinary part of typed functions is about it eliminates superfluous standard code. It does as such by ensuring you don’t need to utilize getter and setter techniques to enforce type contracts.

Why Should You have to Upgrade to PHP v7.4?

There are several convincing points to have an updated version of Php, but here you get the 3most important facts to have Php v7.4

Let’s have a brief look at the above points,

Efficiency and performance:

If you are using an older version of PHP then definitely you have   speed and performance issues but upgrading to the latest version of PHP you can feel a huge change and be surprised by having a greater speed

Support and compatibility:

Compatibility is another integral motivation behind why you’d need to be on the most recent variant of PHP. Like any bit of programming, developers will just support older versions for a specific measure of time. For example, older versions of the iPhones aren’t supported with the most recent adaptation of iOS, delivering them for all intents and render them to be useless.

Secure system:

The most important fact that why should you have to upgrade to Php v7.4 is the security of your site, upgrading to the latest version can ensure the protection of your site against the vulnerabilities exploited in the previous versions of Php.